Wine Club

Designed to expand your knowledge, palate and enjoyment of wine!

  • Monthly Wine Selections: each month we thoughtfully select wine for you. You choose the Wine Level and Wine Option.

  • Wine Levels:
    • Gold - 2 bottles of quality wine for $39.99 per month. For those who enjoy the special occasion that wine creates everyday.
    • Platinum - 2 bottles of premium wine for $79.99 per month. For more discriminating palates and special occasions that occur every month!
  • Wine Options for the 3-month period:
    • 2 bottles of red wine, or
    • 1 bottle of red wine + 1 bottle of white wine
  • Wine Education: tasting notes, winery information and food pairing suggestions for each of the Monthly Wine Selections.

  • Savings:
    • Reorder Monthly Wine Selections for the entire month at a reduced price
    • 10% off all food orders at Carolina Vines.
    • 10% off all non-alcohol items in the retail area of Carolina Vines.
  • Preferred Event Notification: advance notice on wine dinners, specials, events andclasses hosted by Carolina Vines and Catawba Farms.

  • Term: 3 consecutive months.

  • Wine Pick-Up: Wines will be available the first Friday of each month.

Joining is easy

Print out a membership enrollment form, fill it out, and bring it in to Carolina Vines with your payment.